​Local Control and Accountability Plan

The term "LCAP" stands for the Local Control and Accountability Plan, which is part of California's new funding law, the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).

This new funding structure requires school districts to include parents, educators, employees, and the community to identify, assess, and meet the needs of particular student populations. This funding must also be used to provide programs for under-served student populations, specifically English-learners, low-income, and foster youth.

With this funding structure, parents are encouraged to be involved in the planning, decision-making, developing, and reviewing of school finances.  The LCAP requires school districts to hold public hearings to plan, comment, and solicit input from parent committees. During these hearings, school districts must report on their progress toward district goals, and planned actions.

The LCAP measures each school district in eight state priority areas:

  1. Student Engagement
  2. Parent Involvement
  3. School Climate
  4. Student Outcomes
  5. Student Achievement
  6. Course Access
  7. Implementation of State Standards
  8. Basic Services

It is important that parents take an active part in these conversations to ensure your child's needs are met. LCAP materials are offered in various languages to ensure full participation. Contact your child's school district to find out how you can participate in the LCAP in your district.​