02212024_RESOLUTION_Youth Arts Month
02212024_RESOLUTION_Womens History Month
02072024_RESOLUTION_Lunar New Year
02072024_RESOLUTION_National Parent Teacher Association Founder’s Day
02072024_RESOLUTION_Raising Awareness About the Dangers Related to Doxxing
01312024_RESOLUTION_Career Technical Education Month
01312024_RESOLUTION_Black History Month
01292024_RESOLUTION_Recognizing Sustained Peace and Safety for All Children
01102024 RESOLUTION Korean American Day
01102024 RESOLUTION Safe Jobs Healthy Families
01102024 RESOLUTION Board of Education Recognition Month
01102024 RESOLUTION In Support of The Equitable Distribution of Local School Property Tax Revenu
12132023 Resolution Support of Publicly Financed Childcare
12132023 Resolution Recognizing Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution
111523 RESOLUTION - ENGIE Energy Savings Contract and Banc of Am Lease Purchase Agreement
111523 RESOLUTION - CEQA Exemption for Energy Conservation Facilities Project
111523 RESOLUTION Recognizing National Special Education Day and Empowering Youth Voices in Spec
101823 RESOLUTION National Homeless Youth Awareness Month
100423 RESOLUTION Recognizing Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month and Denouncing All Hate Crim
100423 RESOLUTION Textbook Sufficiency
100423 RESOLUTION Gann
100423 RESOLUTION Recognizing Indigenous People and Tribal Communities
092023 Conflict of Interest Code Board Bylaw and Exhibit
092023 RESOLUTION National Disability Employment Awareness Month
092023 RESOLUTION LGBTQ History Month
090623 RESOLUTION Against Book Bans
090623 RESOLUTION American Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month and Denouncing Islamophobia
090623 RESOLUTION Attendance Awareness Month
090623 RESOLUTION Constitution Day and California High School Voter Education Weeks
090623 RESOLUTION Hispanic Heritage Month
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