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Jul 30
Community Builders for Distance Learning

As we all anxiously await the plans for reopening schools in August, I would like to share a few community builders that you can do with your students during distance learning. 

One recommendation, when viewing these ideas below, consider building your “tech toolbox”  for the year with 3 to 5 tools and learn them well. This reduces the cognitive load and lowers the affective filter for students as well as teachers.

  1. Design a poster about you. 

    1. Sample video lesson

    2. Sample of teacher sharing ideas about herself

    3. Sample of student digital poster

  2. Letter writing to your teacher (choice board for students)

  3. “Getting to Know You” using Padlet

    1. Directions for students: Take a picture of yourself with something that is in your room and upload it to the padlet. If you don’t feel like you are picture ready at the moment, search the web for a picture of something that is in your room and upload it to the padlet. Make sure to add a few details about the item.

  4. Ask a question each day and have students share their responses. Any of the examples listed below can be used in Google slides and documents; or, any of the tools listed below.

    1. “Strongest Skill” using Peardeck [How to Make Interactive Google Slides with Pear Deck]

    2. “Snacks in your house” using Google Draw (Each student would make a copy to have their own drawing page.) [How to use Google Draw]

    3. “How are you feeling” using Jamboard (Each student would have their own Jamboard frame.) [How to use Google Jamboard tutorial]

    4. Other ideas for questions [50 Icebreaker Questions for TK-12]

  5. Classmate Trivia Game using Quizz and Google form 

All of these resources have been compiled from various sources and/or adapted for this blog.


Fun & Fantastic Ways to Engage Students, Webinar by Emma Pass, July 2020

Community Builder with Peardeck, Webinar May/June 2020

Synchronous & Asynchronous Tools for Distance Learning, Webinar by Brian Briggs, June 2020


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