Santa Clara County Office of Education

Classified Personnel Services

Bargaining Unit: Office, Technical, and Business Services

JOB TITLE: Web Master, Lead


Supports Internet, Intranet, on-line databases, and World Wide Web Systems for the County Office of Education. Designs, develops, and maintains the Internet and World Wide Site; assesses, explores and researches technological innovations and trends for Office applicability and proposes improvements using current and optimal technologies; serves as an expert resource to the Office, schools, and district office personnel regarding Internet and World Wide Web systems. Employees in this classification receive limited supervision within a broad and specialized framework of policies and procedures and may coordinate, lead, and direct the work of other support staff as needed. This classification is responsible the research, assessment, analysis, engineering, integration, and implementation of hardware and software solutions for Internet applications which require accuracy, initiative, attention to detail, and organizational skills.


Assesses Office needs and provides analysis of Internet and World Wide Web systems and services

Explores and researches technological innovations and trends for Office applicability, and proposes improvements using current and optimal technologies

Assists central office, school sites and districts with web site design, development and maintenance

Coordinates special projects the implementation and upgrading of Internet applications and department Internet services

Integrates Internet and host-based applications systems; develops applications, interfaces, and utility programs to streamline the operation of systems using Internet

Plans and coordinates various Internet projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment using raw HTML and WYSIWYG editors and related computer applications

Creates and develops on-line applications, surveys, and forms using CGI-HTML to database integration

Develops and maintains World Wide Sites that leverage the capabilities of Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, and other types of web browsers

Troubleshoots system problems and effect resolutions; maintains quality assurance records

Creates and develops on-line databases with remote input, search, and edit capabilities; maintains several databases simultaneously; including: serving databases, troubleshooting, refining, and customer support

Establishes and maintains constructive contact with state and local agencies, Office staff, school district personnel, counterparts and resources in other educational agencies

Coordinates with divergent customers to develop integrated web sites; establishes plans; determines problem areas and recommends solutions

Promotes and markets web site development and its use in the educational community; develops on-line presentations for potential customers describing Internet and World Wide Web services and capabilities

Monitors the performance and capacity of Internet systems; checks files on system for quality and viruses; analyzes web site statistics; uses findings to improve and refine web performance, applications, and services

Converts submitted materials to web documents, monitors the day-to-day operation of the web site; including: Internet addresses, domain services, and the transfer, testing and updating of web materials

Writes original text and create original graphics for web sites

Prepares a variety of correspondence and reports related to assigned functions

Trains and assists Office staff and customers in Internet and World Wide Web applications

Responds promptly to all requests for web site revision and maintenance; assists in the development, dissemination and observance of standards for publishing on Office web pages

Performs related duties as assigned.


Possession of:

a valid California Class C Driver's License and possession of a driving record which meets the County Office of Education's insurance requirements

Knowledge of:

practices, procedures, resources and applications used for Internet applications and World Wide Web systems

telecommunications, network, systems analysis, programming, database management, and related computing components, concepts, principles, and practices

HTML (Hyper Test Mark-up Language); Macintosh and Windows operating environments

multimedia concepts and techniques, and computer graphic and network hardware and software

User Interface (UI) design and navigation aides for web sites; and ftp and telnet to manage UNIX-served web sites remotely

Internet protocols and troubleshooting methodology

Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer

principles and techniques of basic marketing and publishing

proper English usage, grammar, punctuation, and spelling

principles and techniques of project management

Ability to:

assess, organize, prioritize, and document tasks, requests, and projects effectively

interpret, troubleshoot, research, analyze, and resolve complex problems

develop, integrate, and create links on web site and manage and maintain system

coordinate special internet and web projects

organize, develop and maintain applications on servers

author, create, and assemble professional documentation, including text, charts, maps, and diagrams; execute graphic designs peripherals; compose narrative and supporting materials

operate a variety of computers and related peripheral equipment

conduct presentations on the Internet and Office World Wide Web site

communicate effectively orally and in writing with multiple department, disciplines, agencies, and customers

work productively and efficiently both independently and as a team member with limited supervision

establish and maintain productive and cooperative working relationships with customers and all levels of the Office, school site, and district office staff

acquire and apply current technological into Internet applications and web sites.


Generally, any combination of education and experience that could likely provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical method of demonstrating these qualifications would be:

Education: Completion of college-level coursework in computer science, information systems, multimedia, Internet applications, and/or web design. A certificate in Internet Applications or Web Development is highly desirable.

Experience: Three years of experience in developing and maintaining a World Wide Web site using HTML, Macintosh and Windows operating systems, on-line text based on graphical interfaces, computer graphic; network hardware and software, and Internet protocols. Experience in creating and maintaining World Wide Web sites for an educational institution is highly desirable.

Acceptable Substitutions: Additional directly related experience or an associate�s degree in any field may be substituted for the required education. There will be no substitutions for the required experience.

Personnel Commission Approval: June 4, 1998

Revised: December 3, 1999