Personnel Commission

CLASS TITLE: Job Training Specialist


To provide support and positive role modeling for clients/students with exceptional needs in work experience jobs; to assist clients/students at job training sites; and to provide work instructions through verbal instructions, demonstration and actual job performance. Employees in this job class provide responsible assistance to clients/students with exceptional needs in facilitation of their transition from school to the work environment. Employees in this classification general supervision from the program manager and work with instructors, counselors, and program staff. Employees in this job classification provide support, positive role modeling, and instruction to clients/students with exceptional needs at their work sites.


Provides support and positive role modeling for clients/students in work experience jobs; provides workability and transition services to clients/students

Assists clients/students at job training sites and provides guidance and work instructions through verbal instructions, demonstration and actual job performance

Utilizes fading techniques to gradually withdraw support and modeling as clients/students achieve quality and quantity standards

Assists in the implementation of positive behavior management techniques and positive reinforcement to encourage and assists clients/students in developing appropriate job skills, social skills and independence

Arranges for or trains clients/students to use public transportation to and from school sites

Visits job sites and consults with clients/students and employers, assisting with the implementation job performance improvement plans

Contacts and informs employers, agencies, and businesses/industries, communicating and promoting the purposes, objectives, and advantages of work experience education programs

Coordinates and facilitates intake assessment, client/student placement with work experience education instructors, parents, classroom teachers, and employers

Participates as a team member in individualized training plan meetings

Works agencies that provide support leading to employment of individuals with exceptional needs

Identifies work sites for potential training and/or employment options

Prepares and maintains a variety of records and files including assessments, observations, progress and other related records

Conducts assessments, administering appropriate tests according to established procedures and guidelines

Operates a variety of equipment and demonstrates proper operation of equipment to clients/students; operates a computer and standard office equipment

Performs other related duties as assigned.


Possession of:

A valid and appropriate California Driver's License

A driving record which meets the County Office of Education insurance requirements

Knowledge of:

General practices, procedures, and operations of work experience transition programs

General vocational counseling and job coaching methods, techniques, and strategies

Effective record-keeping methods and report procedures

Applicable job placement requirements, labor law, codes, regulations, rules, and statues

Problems faced by and concerns of clients/students with exceptional needs

Operation of a computer and other assigned office equipment

Proper English usage including, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure

Ability to:

Understand the exceptional needs of disabled clients/students, and effectively relate these needs in a learning situation or environment

Understand, interpret, and apply rules, regulations, laws, codes, and statutes relating to work experience programs and job placement

Provide job coaching, support, and positive role modeling for clients/students with exceptional needs in work experience jobs

Utilize fading techniques to gradually withdraw support and modeling

Implement positive behavior management and positive reinforcement techniques

Interact interpersonally with clients/students individually and in-groups

Communicate effectively in both oral and written form

Prepare routine reports and maintain related records

Operate a variety of equipment and demonstrate proper equipment operation

Meet schedules and time lines

Establish and maintain effective work relationships with those contacted in the performance of required duties.


Generally, the required knowledge and abilities will have been acquired through any combination of training and experience equivalent to three years of job-related experience in working with developmentally disabled populations or individuals with special needs. Experience in students/clients work experience/training programs, preferred.

Bargaining Unit: Office, Technical, Business Services (OTBS) Unit

Personnel Commission Approval: 06/01/92

Revised: 07/22/98; 07/16/2000; 09/XX/01