Santa Clara County Office of Education

JOB TITLE: Interpreter/Tutor, Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH) Program


To perform specialized duties in interpreting classroom lectures, general hearing classroom instruction, formal conversation, and instructional support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH) students in the Department of Special Education. This job class exercises independent judgment and responsibility for the accurate interpretation of both formal and informal classroom/school instruction and activities. This job class provides interpretation by use of various modes of communication including, but not limited to, PSE, ASL, SEE II, finger spelling and gestures as requried. Employees in this classification receive general supervision from a school site administrator and work on a day-to-day basis with a certificated teacher within a well defined framework of policies and procedures.


Performs specialized duties requiring the application of and proficiency in the appropriate mode of communication, adhering to student's needs

Interprets mainstream and self-contained classroom lectures, group discussions, films, video, audio recordings, guest speakers, informal conversation, telephone calls, general classroom instruction, and other verbal communications

May interpret school performances and assemblies, after school sports activities, job coaching, interviews, and various meetings relating to student and staff needs

Assists students in learning appropriate living/social skills and behavior such as safety procedures, survival, communication skills, independence training, and decision-making abilities necessary for regular classroom instruction and life skills

Informs students and mainstream staff in the appropriate use of interpreting services

Serves as a positive liaison between mainstream and special education staff

Tutors and assists students individually or in groups in academic or elective subject mainstream classes; tutors in self-contained classrooms under supervision

Under direction of a certificated teacher in a self-contained classroom, prepares, designs, and develops instructional materials, classroom work areas, exhibits, and displays

Orients substitute teachers and interpreters in classroom procedures, and individual student needs

Assists in ordering appropriate instructional materials for students

May operate specialized communications equipment; perform routine clerical duties including word processing, duplicating, collating, filing, taking attendance, grading papers, and related duties

Performs other related duties as required.


In addition to the ability to pass the County Office of Education Interpreting Sign Language Proficiency Examination and written skills tests.

Knowledge of:

the implications of behavioral, learning, and social challenges related deafness within an educational program and environment

ethical responsibilities of interpreters

pertinent academic subjects areas as assigned

basic child guidance principles and effective behavior management techniques

proper English usage, grammar, and spelling

word processing and basic office equipment and procedures

specialized deaf and hard of hearing equipment

effective record-keeping methods and techniques

Ability to:

effectively and accurately interpret classroom lectures, videos, and other related activities using sign language and sign to voice skills

work in a mainstream environment with a group of interpreters using team and/or alternating partnership strategies as needed

communicate and work with students in a professional manner that gains their trust and meets their level of understanding

maintain confidentiality of students, staff, and the program

effectively tutor students in assigned math, english, science, and academic subject areas ranging for elementary and secondary level students

analyze situations accurately and adopt effective course of action using effective behavior management techniques

understand the basic personal and social problems associated with the student's age group and effectively relate to these needs

function in a team environment

maintain effectiveness under stressful situations

establish and maintain effective work relationships with direct relationships


Generally, the required knowledge and abilities will have been acquired through completion of an interpreter training program equivalent to an associate's degree with coursework in sign language, psychology of deafness or a related field and at least one year of experience as an interpreter or any other combination of education and experience that could provide for the required knowledge and abilities.



Date: September 12, 1984
Revised: June 24, 1995, April 5, 1993, April 27, 1993, August 27, 1998