Personnel Commission

CLASS TITLE: Fiscal Technician


To provide responsible fiscal record keeping, basic accounting, and/or auditing duties in the maintenance, processing, and review of fiscal records and services of assigned school districts and/or of departments in the Santa Clara County Office of Education. Employees may be assigned to a specific fiscal areas, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, commercial warrant audit, or payroll audit.


The Fiscal Technician is the entry-level classification of the accounting class series. Employees in this job class receive close to general supervision within a framework of well-defined policies and procedures, performing diverse fiscal record-keeping, basic accounting, and/or auditing duties. Employees require skill in time management, work organization, basic knowledge of accounting processes and systems and the ability to learn County Office fiscal policies, procedures, and internal controls

TYPICAL DUTIES: The following duties are examples of assignments performed by incumbents in this classification. It is not a totally comprehensive list of duties, nor is it restrictive regarding job assignments.

Performs diversified fiscal record-keeping basic accounting, and/or auditing duties for specific fiscal areas such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, commercial warrant audit, and payroll audit, processing and maintaining related records as assigned

Performs standard accounting procedures within prescribed guidelines

Computes, verifies, tracks, monitors, and/or batches a variety of accounting, payroll, or warrant reports, files, documents, or records

Examines, audits, reconciles, and/or verifies warrants, requisitions, apportionments, invoices, deposits, and/or other accounting documents or records

Provides assistance, services, and information to County Office departments, school districts, employees, or agencies regarding specific financial and/or statistical records

Resolves accounting or financial discrepancies by conferring with school districts, County Office programs, or vendors, returning input where discrepancies are significant

Prepares and/or processes journal entries according to established procedures, verifying the accuracy of entries and recommending revisions as necessary

Reviews financial input data for accuracy and enters accounting, purchasing, and/or payroll records into computerized information system; verifies accuracy of input

Receives, assembles, sorts, matches, tabulates, verifies, posts, codes, and files a variety of financial and statistical data and documents in accordance with established procedures

Distributes a variety of financial and statistical data including, reports, source documents, statements, files, and/or warrants

Maintains accurate financial and accounting records related to assigned functions.

Maintains detailed records and statistics for preparation of end of year transaction reports, adjusting and updating logs or records as necessary

Researches lost, canceled, or unpaid warrants, preparing appropriate forms as needed

Reconciles expenses and encumbrances and balances accounts

Prepares reports and routine correspondence related to fiscal support responsibilities

Operates a variety of office and computer related equipment, including a microcomputer, printer, copier, typewriter, calculator and other related equipment

Uses word processing and spreadsheet software in the performance of fiscal support work

May assist other accounting staff with special work assignments such as purchase card monitoring, facilities accounting, and grant funded programs

Performs general office support duties such as answering the telephone, distributing incoming mail, filing, and preparing information summaries.

Performs related duties as required.


Basic Knowledge of:

Accounting processes and systems, including fiscal record-keeping methods, practices and procedures

Modern office equipment, methods, practices, and procedures including microcomputer, typewriter, and calculator operations, filing systems, business correspondence, and report writing

The laws, rules, and regulations applicable to work assignments

Software applications programs used for word processing and spreadsheet

Knowledge of:

Proper English usage including grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure

Ability to:

Perform or demonstrate the ability to perform a variety of technical fiscal support and account record-keeping work

Communicate effectively and tactfully in both oral and written form

Plan, organize, and prioritize or demonstrate the ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work assignments to meet time requirements and facilitate the flow of work

Understand, learn, analyze, interpret, and apply pertinent codes, laws, rules, and regulations applicable to technical fiscal support work assignments

Understand, learn, analyze and interpret a variety of fiscal information and data related to technical fiscal support work

Apply or learn to apply internal fiscal controls in the performance of work assignments.

Identify or learn to identify problem areas or situations, evaluate problem causes, and select appropriate action to resolve identified problems.

Make accurate arithmetical calculations with increased speed

Identify and correct or learn to identify and correct errors in arithmetical calculations made by others

Operate or learn to operate computer and office related equipment

Represent the County Office of Education in working with internal/external customers

Keyboard/type accurately at a rate required for successful job performance

Establish and maintain a cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of assigned responsibilities.


Generally, any combination of training and experience equivalent to one year's experience in fiscal record-keeping duties for a school, public, or non-profit agency and/or training or coursework in accounts payable/receivable, fiscal record-keeping, or budget management.

Date: 09/24/84 Personnel Commission Approval:

Revised: 01/07/96; 06/21/01 Board Adoption:

Former Class Title: Account Clerk, Senior

Former Alternate Series with Account Clerk