Job Description

(Senior Classified Management)

SUMMARY: Under the direction of the County Superintendent of Schools, the Chief Business Officer is responsible for planning, developing, coordinating, implementing, directing, and evaluating the departments of the Business Services Branch including District Business Services, General Services, Internal Business Services and Risk Management; oversee business related services to school districts and the County Office of Education; serve as a member of the Superintendentís Cabinet; and perform all other assigned duties.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES: Essential duties may include, but are not limited to:

REQUIRED MINIMUM SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of: Principles and techniques of leadership, organization, supervision, budgeting, personnel administration and management; principles, practices and trends relating to the full scope of school business management and California educational programs pertaining to school districts and county offices of education; laws, rules, regulations relating to school districts and County Office of Education business activities; principles, practices, and techniques of program and policy development, implementation, monitoring and control; operating programs and guidelines of Californiaís FCMAT (Fiscal Crises and Management Team) or comparable system operating in another state, and AB1200 and AB2756 responsibilities for county school office oversight of school districts. Skills required to operate a computer and to utilize pertinent software programs. Ability to: Effectively plan, organize, direct, coordinate and evaluate the programs and services of assigned areas of responsibility, including a broad range of diverse functions and responsibilities; make effective decisions and resolve problems affecting complex and sensitive areas and situations, and effectively explain and defend decisions; exercise sound judgment and recognize political and priority implications related to programs and strategies; demonstrate leadership, interpersonal consensus building and communication skills; establish and maintain effective working relationships with County Office and district leadership, staff, parents, community agencies, individuals and groups; exercise tact, diplomacy and recognize political and priority implications in developing and implementing programs and strategies; establish priorities, and evaluate the effectiveness of programs and services on an ongoing basis; and function as a positive, contributing member of an education team.

REQUIRED MINIMUM TRAINING, EDUCATION, AND LICENSING: Masterís degree with major course work in education administration, public administration, business administration (MBA) from an accredited college or university of higher education; and a valid California driver's license.

REQUIRED MINIMUM PRIOR WORK EXPERIENCE: Seven (7) or more years of comprehensive and progressive directly related experience. Prior experience as a business or fiscal director in a large California school district or other county office of education is preferred.

REQUIRED INTERACTION (NON-AUTHORITY): Contacts have little or no predetermined structure, and are primarily with the highest level individual both inside and outside the Office, such as local, state, and district superintendents, district chief business officials, state and federal officials; and contacts require decision making and problem solving where office-wide cross-branch concerns are at stake.

SUPERVISION OF OTHERS: Directly supervises assigned department heads, managers and other support staff.

REPORTS TO: County Superintendent of Schools.





Approved by the Personnel Commission: April 1, 2010